Benefits Of Using An Ab Roller

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The ab roller is a device commonly used within the home to get a flat, tight stomach or to build the coveted six pack.

However, depending on the ab roller exercise being done, this device can also target other muscles groups within the body.

If you want something affordable, easy to use, and effective, then perhaps the ab roller would be the ideal device for your needs.

The most common choice is a roller with a wheel design with handles on both sides.  Many people like this option in that it is so compact and easy to store.

The second type is more like a chair that sits on the ground and uses your muscles to rock back and forth.  We will discuss this type a bit later.

The Most Popular Ab Roller

Ab Carver ProFor the first choice, a common ab roller exercise involves kneeling down on the floor while on all fours.

For added comfort when you move into the downward position, we suggest you place a pillow on the area where your head would bet.

To get started with this ab roller exercise, you grip the handles, one in each hand and slowly roll the wheel along the floor, using your knees as support.


The key is to make the movement down and back up slow and precise

Considerations When Doing Exercises With An Ab Roller

Keep in mind that when using this device and an ab roller exercise, you need to follow instructions carefully.  Otherwise, you could end up using the lower back instead of the abdominal muscles, causing strain, or even injury. Typically, this device is not recommended for anyone just getting started or with back problems. 

However, with the ab roller exercise done properly, the resistance involve gives you an excellent workout.  In addition, this device can be adjusted for greater intensity.  Therefore, you get stronger abs but also more muscle mass in the chest, shoulders, and arms.

Ab Chair Roller Exercises

Now on to the second device is the chair or rocker style.  This roller is also used on the floor and because of the design, an ab roller exercise would be easier to Ab Rocket Abdominal Traineraccomplish.  Because of this, the device would be perfect for beginners, people who have a bad back or anyone who wants a change.

This ab roller is designed with long handles on either side, which are held onto for a little support.  The benefit of using an ab roller exercise on this device is that your muscles would transform quickly.

With continued use of this device and exercise you can and will develop strong, muscular abs, you would also boost the body’s metabolism so more calories are burned and improve posture.

Regardless of the roller device you choose or the specific roller exercise, the goal should be to get in a workout three times a weekBy exercising one hour a day, three days a week faithfully, you would notice a dramatic transformation in about two months.

Along with exercise, you need to eat a well-balanced diet & drink plenty of fluids

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